SEO, Social, Brand Development

The Yorkshire Food Group

Taking a brand from zero, creating a group wide brand strategy, increasing sales from £45,000 to £2.9 million in 5 years and establishing an online platform for lead generation.


Imagine a business that starts in a garage… OK, so it’s not Amazon but this wife and husband team have created something incredible. From a tiny catering business, the Yorkshire Food Group which now consists of five businesses is now a well established brand across West and South Yorkshire and it’s all been done in 5 years! My job, to build a brand, an online platform and strategy which generates leads, has customer support and create strong social media content and audience with monthly management of SEO and content marketing. 


Website Leads

The online business generates in excess of 1000 leads per calendar year whilst also maintaining a small paid ad spend. 80% of all traffic is through organic and social media work.

Social Media Heaven

With nearly 70,000 followers across all platforms for 4 businesses in the group, all developed organically, with a 32% engagement rate across the group on social.

Strong Brand Identity

The group has one of the “strongest local brands” as according to The Yorkshire Post. That’s good enough for me.

Gino De Blasio




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