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Translations, Speechwriting, Brand Dev

The European Union

Welcome to the land of policy, speeches and trying to get things done! This was a training ground in my early career and has since been a client where I have advised and created content for domestic and all EU26 nations.


How do EU projects affect the way people live? How do we better communicate these things? In Europe I helped to tell that story, I advised on policy, I wrote for serious people, we helped change a lot of lives.

Licata_de Blasio Media


30+ Campaigns Delivered

From small business development across the EU with funded projects in training and development to bigger projects which include infrastructure and education.

Over £200 Million in Budgets

Getting a budget approved is one thing, getting the money to the right people and auditing them is key. I’ve worked on projects totalling over £200 million in investment delivering results!

5 Languages Spoken

If you’re looking for multi-lingual speciality in your brand development well, here I am. I can articulate clear ideas in target language and work with others to deliver on this as well.

Gino De Blasio




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