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What does the Italian school of Gastronomy want to do with me? Tell their story, so I did. International coverage, translations for events, the whole lot. Great gig, better food.


The ALMA school is the prestigious school of gastronomy for Italian and international chefs looking to become the future stars of culinary excellence. Initially, ALMA school formed a creative partnership with 1820 magazine where together, we produced high engaging pieces of content, the first English language pieces which featured across multiple sites. From there, podcasts, video content and additional international media coverage was all part of the work that followed. This helped raise the profile of the school outside of Italy and exposed future collaborative partnerships which exist to this day. 


Increased Engagement

There was an overall increase in engagement to both 1820 magazine (up 13%) and ALMA (up 14%) in the first month. After six months ALMA recorded the best online engagement with content in its history with an increase of 73% across all channels, equalling a million new users across all platforms.

New Content Sources

ALMA School benefitted from the production of international coverage with a mini podcast series – featured on Spotify and Apple playlists. Equally, international chefs were reading content in English for the first time prompting new relationships and creative collaborations with institutions across the world from the work carried out. 

New Partnerships Formed

Thanks to the greater engagement and specific content created, from photography under the lens of Marco Paone and podcast creations, ALMA formed new partnerships with significant financial benefit. They used this content and engagement to create leverage with international partners.

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