Hi, I'm a data-driven creative that specialises in content creation & comms strategy helping businesses to tell their story and see returns in the digital age.

Basically, I "do stuff" on the internet that helps you to be found, communicate and sell your product/service.

Brands i work with

Brands I work with

About me


About Me

I was born in Naples in the early 1980s. Being raised in a multi-lingual family has taught me just how essential good communication is. After years of working within Government and leading advertising & marketing agencies, De Blasio Media was established in 2015 (albeit under a different name thanks to a train journey involving a lot of panic) with the aim of giving businesses and individuals a communication service that meets today’s digital storytelling challenges.

Working alongside other creative talents in media production and strategy, I produce campaigns that reach your target audience whilst creating vivid and impactful brand messaging.

Other non-essential things you need to know about me are;

  • I have untameable hair
  • If you have a dog, I will play with it.
  • I support AC Milan… for my sins.
  • I spend a lot of time with dictionaries.

Case studies

Case Studies

What does the Italian school of Gastronomy want t do with me? Tell their story, so I did. International coverage, translations for events, the whole lot. Great gig, better food.

The fastest growing participation sport in Europe with its first courts in the North West of England… that calls for some brand development and clever writing.

Giving an exciting voice to a brand that couldn’t articulate just how good it was. From content production, writing guides, descriptions and creating coffee table books found on every continent… That’s the Arketipo way.


Content Marketing

From strategy to developing on page content types – i.e. blogs, videos, widgets, collaborations, influencer packages – to help generate attention to brand and lead generation.

Brand Development

How does everything you do online to offline connect? How does it impact your bottom line?

Brand development is more than a feeling, it’s a way to build bonds with customers and their peers.


There is a reason why I am white labelled across 4 different agencies in Europe and 2 in the US.

Shit hot writing can be generic, can be colourful, can be creative. From ads to guides, I deal with it the way you like.

Gino De Blasio




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