You Don’t Need David Bailey For Good Instagram Photos

Let me start by saying this, if you don’t know who David Bailey is then you want to check that out before reading ahead. 

The point is, David, Dave to his mates is a fucking brilliant photographer. 

When looking at your social feeds – especially for your brands (be it personal or business) you may be trying to be the next David Bailey or whoever is relevant today. Some instagrammer perhaps. 

Mass filtering is one solution but then again, not everyone is a Kardashian and not every brand has… the assets. 

If you use Instagram for your brand and you’re wondering what it takes to spruce up your photography here are some quick tips. 

You can use YouTube

If you still don’t know how to set up a shot then fear not. YouTube has all the answers. Yes you can take courses and yes you can even do the online ones as well but YouTube has plenty of Instagram photo experts that can teach you how to take a shot and importantly post edit. 

One of my favourites is Peter McKinnon – he explains things clearly and gives insight into “crushing your Instagram game”.

Your Phone is enough – most of the time

One of the big excuses I hear from clients is “I don’t have a nice camera”. Look, you don’t need a nice camera – most of the time. If you’re a small business you need content. What you need to do is learn how to capture images. 

Your phone is more than ample and actually a powerful tool. It’s not about mass filtering, it’s about the shot. I take over 20 – 30 pictures of the same item to be sure I have caught the subject. You can always delete or store on “the cloud”. 

If you require lots of detail and sharpness, you may need a camera but most of the time you just need to take a fucking picture!  

It’s about trial and error… and trial again 

Don’t be fooled by super sharp Instagram accounts and don’t be put off by the accounts that are doing really interesting things either. What you need to do is capture the elements that you want to capture and build your own style. 

It really is a question of trial and error and then trial again. Always keep your style moving until you can find something that works for you and then my advice, change it up again and again. 

Don’t look for likes – look for engagement

It’s nice to be popular isn’t it. But that can mean nothing in the real world – let alone the digital one. So yeah, let’s say your photo gets 100 or 1000 or heaven forbid 10,000 likes. Great, but does that mean customers? 

Not necessarily. What you need to look out for is, engagement, especially comments. This is where you can make real time connections with people who could end up being your customers in the future or… give you the feedback you may need to make your product or service more recognisable. 

So there you go, some tips on making your Instagram look epic. It takes time and patience and also an understanding of how it works overall. 

Remember you don’t need a David Bailey to take the pictures, your 5 year old could probably do a better job anyway – they’re clever enough nowadays. 

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